Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Parent-Child Outreach and Dr. Seuss

Parent -Child Outreach groups enjoy activities that involve ways to be healthy smart. Families participate in learning centers that encourage healthy food choices and receive information about nutrition, active play and building blocks for nuturing their child's development. Through the writings of Dr Seuss and his fun character the Lorax, parents and children share stimulating experiences with science, art and literacy activities.

Two excellent books to consider from the Cat In the Hat library are , Oh, The Things You Can Do That Are Good For You and How To Help the Earth by the Lorax.
Children attending Parent-Child Outreach this month received , How To Help the Earth by the Lorax, to add to their library at home.

In the teaching classroom , a kitchen center is set up for dramatic play, equiped with a food prep table that encourages children and their parents/caregivers opportunities for exploring the food groups and the different ways that food can be prepared.

Our carrot seeds have sprouted and are now seedlings and have roots. Parents and students enjoy observing the changes that occur from week to week.

We continue to work on our mural. Duke and Carolina blue were used to create the sky. Recycled paper shreds and basket grasses were used to represent green plants and grass. We are in the process of adding a handprint rainbow. Flowers and plants will be added using recycled items.
Look closely for the Lorax......he approves!