Thursday, March 29, 2012

March STAR Provider Announced!

Heather Davidson was awarded the March STAR provider of the month. Mrs. Davidson is the lead teacher in the two year old classroom at Millersville Child Development Center. She asked for assistance in altering her current classroom layout. She was observed using child friendly language and a calm,quiet classroom voice with the children. She offered explanations about safety, “We have to sit in the chair on our bottom, so we don’t fall.” Mrs. Davidson has taken the idea of having a yoga (stretching) spot in her classroom from a
training she attended. We look forward to seeing this transformation as it occurs.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Parent-Child Outreach and Dr. Seuss

Parent -Child Outreach groups enjoy activities that involve ways to be healthy smart. Families participate in learning centers that encourage healthy food choices and receive information about nutrition, active play and building blocks for nuturing their child's development. Through the writings of Dr Seuss and his fun character the Lorax, parents and children share stimulating experiences with science, art and literacy activities.

Two excellent books to consider from the Cat In the Hat library are , Oh, The Things You Can Do That Are Good For You and How To Help the Earth by the Lorax.
Children attending Parent-Child Outreach this month received , How To Help the Earth by the Lorax, to add to their library at home.

In the teaching classroom , a kitchen center is set up for dramatic play, equiped with a food prep table that encourages children and their parents/caregivers opportunities for exploring the food groups and the different ways that food can be prepared.

Our carrot seeds have sprouted and are now seedlings and have roots. Parents and students enjoy observing the changes that occur from week to week.

We continue to work on our mural. Duke and Carolina blue were used to create the sky. Recycled paper shreds and basket grasses were used to represent green plants and grass. We are in the process of adding a handprint rainbow. Flowers and plants will be added using recycled items.
Look closely for the Lorax......he approves!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Recycle and Plant.......Lorax Approved!

This blog post will offer some planting ideas for starting seeds using containers that you would normally throw away.
This is a great way to teach young children about recycling.
Burpee Seed Co. offers organic seeds designed to be planted in containers. Look for the flower pot on the bottom of the packet.
Families attending Parent-Child Outreach group time are growing carrots in 2 liter drink bottles using organic seeds. According to the seed packet our carrots should be ready to harvest in 68 days.
In addition to growing carrots, families will be planting mint, a bean stalk and a swimming pool salad garden. Also we will be learning about composting using our friend the earth worm.
Follow our blog each week to watch our progress and get ideas for your own Lorax approved garden!
Listed below are some examples of recycling to plant:
Save those egg shells. When the seed becomes a seedling, gently crack the shell for drainage and plant in the ground. Cover the shell lightly with soil.
Lemons make great vessels for holding small amounts of soil. Once the green leaves appear place the lemon in the ground and cover lightly with soil.

Use toliet paper or paper towel rolls for planting. Cut rolls into 3-4 inch tubes . Place in a container to catch water run off. Fill tubes with seed starter soil and plant the seeds. When the green seedling appears, place the tube in the ground. Cover lightly with soil.

Newspaper planting cups. Take a 3-4 0z plastic cup and wrap newspaper around it securing the sides and bottom with tape. Slide the cup out from the newspaper and you have another container in which to plant. Place newspaper cups in a plastic tub to catch water run off because they will leak. When the plant appears you can place the newspaper cup into the ground.

Milk Carton Jugs are great for starting seedlings but they also make great containers to display and grow blooming plants. Make drainage holes in the bottom. Check daily to see if the plant needs watering. Plastic milk jugs will retain heat and the soil will become dry.

Paint and add a ribbon to the handle.

As whimsical as all Dr Seuss tales are , The Lorax " speaks for the trees" and advocates recycling and conservation. Find out all the great ways to conserve and recycle by vsiting

Friday, March 2, 2012

Dance Fitness Fundraising Event

Thursday, March 29th at 6pm Hickory Girls Fitness with Kat and Courtney will host a fundrasier for ACPC. Proceeds from this fundraiser will go to benefit the Reach Out and Read program in Alexander County. This is an evidence-based program that promotes early literacy and school readiness in pediatric exam rooms by giving new books to children attending their well-child visit and advice to parents about the importance of reading aloud. Reach Out and Read builds on the unique relationship between parents and medical providers to develop critical early reading skills in children, beginning at 6 months of age. For more info contact ACPC at 632-3799 or visit

Cynthia Rose Named February Star Provider

Cynthia Rose was a February’s STAR provider of the month at ACPC. Mrs. Rose runs her own family child care home, Cynthia’s Open Arms Daycare, and is one of eight family child care homes in the county. She has spent the last month re-creating her family child care home. Setting centers up in her family child care home has led to wonderful conversations about the individual needs of the children. Cynthia has made careful considerations about the items selected based on the wide range of ages that she has in her care. She is continuing to adjust and arrange the centers as she observes the needs of the children in her care. Seeing this transformation has truly been inspiring.

Melissa Summers February Star Provider

Mrs. Melissa Summers was a February’s STAR provider of the month at ACPC. Mrs. Summers is the NCPK, formerly More at Four, teacher assistant at Salem Sloan Child Enrichment Center. She was observed in several teachable moments following developmentally appropriate practice. As the children waited to wash hands for lunch she engaged the waiting children in songs and finger plays. During group time she was observed engaging children’s curiosity as they discussed birds. The children were allowed to expand on their ideas without discounting their thoughts. If a child believed that birds could moon dance she validated that response allowing the child to feel confident in their knowledge.