Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Great Place To Read

The reading corner in the Parent-Outreach Play Room has a new fun reading house.
The reading house was made using a small folding craft table extending the legs.
A twin size bed sheet was used to cover the front and the two sides of the table. Fabric is used for the back panel.
Openings for the door and window are trimmed in duck tape, card stock and felt. A window shade was created by using the left over sheet from the door opening.
To give the house a square shape appearance, velco was used to attach the sheet on the sides to the back fabric wall. Colorful pillows of various sizes were purchased at and made a great addition to the reading house.The pillow cases can be removed easily for cleaning
Props such as a flashlight, sleeping bag and puppets can be added for dramatic play.
Click on the picture for a larger view.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February Parenting Building Blocks

Building- Good NutritionInfants and toddlers can not eat enough at one meal to last them until the next scheduled meal. Their small systems require more frequent feedings. Healthy snacks should be scheduled throughout the day.Preschoolers like to plan menus and make their own foods. Foods can be served on a fun sectional plate or even in ice cube trays. Serving sizes should be small and flavors mild. A half cup of milk may look more appealing to small eyes than a full cup. Offer water or milk with meals and snacks. Serve juices after meals and snacks.Remember....mealtime should be calm and is not the time for strict discipline.Your role as a parent is to provide healthy foods and to model healthy eating habits.The role of the child is to decide how much of the food to eat.A decrease of appetite during the preschool years is normal.Take the following precautions to reduce the risk of choking:

· Do not allow your child to play or run while eating.

· Serve foods that have been cut into strips, not in chunks, (hotdogs, grapes)

· Remind your child to chew their food. Some children will hold food in their cheeks and may choke on it later.

· Offer plenty of water or milk with meals and snacks.Stack Up Your Snacks : Graham Crackers, String Cheese, Frozen Low Fat Yogurt, Fruit, Frozen Fruit Juice BarsAvoid: Cookies, Potato Chips, Donuts, Ice Cream, Granola Bars, Popcorn ( under the age of three) Juices During MealsSource:

Parent-Child Outreach News!

February Parent-Child Outreach activities will focus on fine motor skills. Children will enjoy magnetic fun at the water table and sensory bottles in Science Center. In manipulatives, children will practice using scissors as they fill up the indoor swimming pool with colored paper cuttings, stringing buttons of various shapes and sizes, matching/hanging felt clothing to a clothes line to name a few. At the art table children will create a heart using finger paint and they will use heart shapes to make a Bee Healthy Busy Bee. In addition , Miss Maggie and Kanga will share information about dental health.

During Make-It ,Take -It, parents will make a " Shape Snake" for their child and receive information about Parenting Building Blocks. The February Building Block is posted below.

Each month children may check out educational toys from the Partnership Lending Library and will receive a book to add to their library at home.

Parent-Child Outreach groups meet on Monday and Thursday mornings in the Parent-Child Outreach Room located in the Partnership Building. Registration is required. To register or for more information about Parent-Child Outreach contact: Belinda Bost Community Partnership Facilitator Alexander County Partnership for Children 828 632-3799

Thursday, February 9, 2012

You are Invited to Join the Coalition

Did you know 17.5% of Alexander County children ages 2-4 in the North Carolina Nutrition and Physical Activity Surveillance System (NC NPASS) system were classified as overweight? The "Alexander County Physical Activity and Nutrition Coalition" is comprised of a dedicated group of individuals from agencies, businesses, and organizations from across the counties who are committed and compassionate and care about the health and fitness of Alexander County children. The coalition is seeking new members.

This coalition is currently exploring the childhood obesity epidemic by focusing on young children, from birth through age five, in community settings and child care by developing a county plan to tackle this problem. Currently the group is exploring the expansion of community gardens and sharing the message to prevent early childhood obesity. Members of the committee provide the ideas and necessary input to make the vision reality-healthy and fit children. If you believe in health and fitness and you believe in our children you are needed on the coalition.

The next coalition meeting will be Thursday, March 1, 2012 at the CVCC Alexander Center. If you would like to attend the meeting and be a part of this dynamic group email Andrea Little at or call 632-3799. Hope to see you there!