Thursday, December 6, 2012

How can children volunteer during the holiday season?

Q: This holiday season, my child will spend time with family, attend some events and open gifts. I want him to enjoy every moment, but I’d also like him to understand that giving back to our community is just as important. Do you have any sugges­tions for volunteering with a five-year-old child?

A: Your child is at a great age to begin building caring hab­its. There are many ways a family with a young child can get involved in helping others this holiday.

Here are some ideas:

Find out if a local food bank needs help sorting donations. Spend an afternoon helping out as a family. Your child will also be working on his sorting skills!

Collect and donate clothing that everyone in your family has outgrown. Ask your child to look through his closet, too.

Make holiday cards with your child. Take them to a local nursing home. You can also bake some cookies to go with the cards.

Talk with your child about the fact that some children won’t get any gifts during the holidays. Think of a small gift that you can make together and take it to a donation site.

Don’t forget to tell your child you are proud of him for helping someone else have a happy holiday!

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